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Cecil Hills High School
Mark Sutton


At Cecil Hills High School, we believe in success and aim for excellence in learning, teaching and leading. Our students achieve at least a year’s worth of progress from every year of schooling. Our diverse learners are respectful, responsible and successful and connect with their teachers to succeed and thrive. They focus on positive behaviour for learning principles and form productive relationships to work with their teachers. Our teachers use flexible, future-focused and innovating teaching practices to develop 21st century learners. They differentiate and have a core focus on literacy, numeracy and technology in learning and assessment. Our leaders inspire and influence change as instructional leaders and collaborate with those beyond the classroom wall. They build leadership skills in themselves and others to ensure our school operates in a framework of excellence.

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Newsletter issue seven

Issue Seven

Term 3 - 2018

CHHS students experiencing the outback.

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Newsletter issue six

Issue Six

Term 2 - 2018

Another term of great teaching & learning.

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Newsletter issue five

Issue Five

Term 2 - 2018

Artists in Action - Year 7 showcase their work.

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Newsletter issue four

Issue Four

Term 2 - 2018

"Lest We Forget" - ANZAC Day Commemoration ceremony.

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Newsletter issue three

Issue Three

Term 1 - 2018

After an exciting Term 1 read all about what had happened.

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Newsletter issue two

Issue Two

Term 1 - 2018

Highlighting this issue is our CAPA faculty at CHHS.

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